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With green tea, dictammus and thyme. 10 teabags

Its leaves have tonic, antiseptic, 
expectorant and spasmolytic properties. 20 gr

It was considered as one of the most

significant therapeutic plants. 20 gr

A mug of mint tea is enough to flavor your day! 10 teabags

For the woman who loves 
and wants to take care of her body.
Packed in 10 teabags
With Dictamus, Sage, 
Marjoram and Flake in 10 teabags.
With bitumen, sage, marjoram, 
lemongrass, chamomile,
cinnamon and cloves.
Packed in 10 teabags.

The famous and sacred "elixir" of longevity. 10 teabags

The “love” of Crete, 10 teabags 

A cup of chamomile tea takes the worries away and relaxes you ... 10 teabags .